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Maybe very soon you can buy a Galaxy at a bargain price


Apparently, more than 50 million unsold devices are already stored in Samsung warehouses, surely due to low demand, especially in economic ranges.

Though Samsung is shining brighter than ever in the mobile industry and his numbers are hugely positive together with those of Apple, of course, it seems that the crisis begins to make a dent also in the giantsthen the partners of Samsung had dropped since Suwon’s firm was going to reduce its production by about 30 million smartphones during 2022.

Now, they are the companions of GSMArena following the trail of TheElec those who tell us an interesting as well as curious fact, and that is that Samsung seems to have serious stock problems with several million smartphones in storage in their distribution centers and waiting for new owners.

Galaxy S22 series

The ‘flagship’ series of the South Korean company, the Samsung Galaxy S22, during its presentation in Spain.

We are talking about really big figures and very important to take into account, and it is that as you will see from South Korea we encrypted in more than 50 million phones stored and ready to be purchased that Samsung keeps in its facilities, all of them well prepared in their sales packages although apparently there is no one who wants them for now.

In fact, and it is that even though It might look like a Samsung sourcing exercise. to prepare for the continuous supply crisis that has plagued the industry in recent times, nothing could be further from the truth, since according to sources the main reason is the drop in demand which, according to them, is being brutal especially in economic ranges.

Samsung has more than 50 million phones in storage, almost all of the Galaxy A series more attractive in price and performance, so very soon we could have succulent sales if the South Korean giant wanted to reduce stocks.

Samsung’s most popular high-end will have an even cheaper version

Most that stuck inventory would belongas you will expect from what has been said, to Galaxy A series made up of Samsung’s best-selling terminals, which Apparently they are not so best sellers in the current circumstances with the geopolitical crises, the pandemic and, now also, the problem of capital inflation that we are experiencing almost globally.

Regarding figures, they are also noteworthy, certainly, because the reality is that Samsung planned to ship more than 270 million smartphones during this year 2022 and these 50 million units already stored almost 20% of that estimate for the whole year, when ratios of units that are stored pending distribution are usually around 10%.

It is because of that probably very soon we will see aggressive offers from Samsung especially in the mid ranges, at least if you continue to have problems take out this huge number of phones of its facilities.

And finally, it should be noted that Samsung had indeed been producing some 20 million smartphones per month until May of this year, when assembly figures reduced to 10 million units approximately, a strategic move that obviously will help reduce stocks and is explained by these problems.

We’ll be watching to see if Samsung finally offers us some nice summer sales!

Yes, there is a crisis and it does affect us: Samsung will produce 30 million fewer mobile phones this year

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