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Let’s give thanks: Google finally adds the most useful function to its Messages app

Google adds sliding gestures to its ‘Messages’ app for Android, very similar to those already known from Gmail and ready to make your life easier with your text messages.

Let's give thanks: Google finally adds the most useful function to its Messages app

After the farewell to google hangouts and the Google Duo integration in Meetof which we are not happy, today we do have reasons for happiness related to the Mountain View apps, and that is that Google just added one of the most useful and requested features to its ‘Messages’ app on Android.

Colleagues told us 9to5Googlewhich obviously and like us they thanked Google for homogenizing the experience and try to converge, now and after many years of chaos and madness, towards some consistent messaging and communications apps, that work in a similar way and no learning curve for users.

Google Messages

Google adds the most useful feature to the ‘Messages’ app: you choose what your gestures do.

It is because of that ‘Messages’ for Android finally enjoys swipe gestures that we already knew from Gmail, and that the customizable quick actions bring us closer to one of the key applications of the Android operating system, for now in beta but with the promise of having them very soon in the stable versions.

Google homogenizes the experience of its communications and messaging apps, and finally the gestures with quick actions that Gmail already has when sliding conversations and messages arrive in the ‘Messages’ for Android.

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The option is now available in the latest tester build of the ‘Messages’ app, which It will thus allow us to configure the behavior of the gestures at our whim in a similar way that we can do it in Gmail, choosing what happens when you swipe a message to the right or also to the left, jointly or even independently of each movement.

For now you can only choose between three different actions, which are delete the conversation, archive it, or do nothing when sliding, although perhaps when it arrives in stable mode we can choose quick responses, forward the message or other different actions.

Gestures in Google Messages

This is how the new gestures are in Google’s ‘Messages’ app for Android, very similar to those of Gmail.

In fact, in Gmail we have many possibilities to choose between marking emails as read or unread, directly deleting emails, archiving them, snoozing them, and even more, so It would not be unreasonable to think that more quick actions will be added to ‘Messages’ when the functionality is developed to one hundred percent.

I myself am a fan of deleting emails by dragging to the left and marking them as read by dragging them to the right, so I can’t thank you more for these new options for Google’s ‘Messages’ app on Android.

And you, are you going to tell me that you don’t use these gestures? May they not be long in coming!

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