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Less than 25 euros: Amazon’s best-selling smart speaker is discounted

This little speaker has a beautiful design, great sound quality and all the intelligence of Alexa.

Less than 25 euros: Amazon's best-selling smart speaker is discounted

you can take home the Amazon’s most popular smart speaker for less than you expect. The 4th generation Echo Dot it falls in price, it is within your reach for only 24.99 euros. Choose from one of its 3 available colors and receive it at home quickly and for free.

If you want to start creating your smart homethere is no better option than one of Amazon’s smart speakers. Alexa is compatible with many devices, this will allow you to create a whole network of connected devices without difficulty. In addition, you get the cheapest and most versatile, you can place it in any corner of your home.

Echo Dot (4th generation)

Everything you can do with the Echo Dot

Less than 25 euros: Amazon's best-selling smart speaker is discounted

Get the Echo Dot 4 for a very tempting price.

It is not a speaker that I recommend just for the sake of it, I have it at home and it is in charge of controlling the different smart devices in my home. For example, and thanks to the fact that I also have the fire tv stickI can ask you to turn on the television and put any series on Netflix.

The 4th Echo Dot arrives with a rounded body that gives it a beautiful and minimalist aesthetic. On the bedside table in your bedroom, in the living room, in the kitchen or even in the bathroom if you want to listen to music while you shower, it will fit perfectly wherever you place it. You can find it in 3 different colors: anthracite, greyish blue and white.

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Sound quality has been significantly improved over its predecessor, this Echo Dot is capable of flooding an entire music room. I sit down to work and I just have to ask Alexa to play one of my favorite playlists, it sounds really good. I also turn lights on and off, program routines, do all kinds of queries… when you get used to it you can’t live without it.

Echo Dot (4th generation)

You have before you a great opportunity, you can get the most popular speaker with Alexa at an exceptional price. If you want to spice up your home, this Echo Dot is one of the best tools to start with. I assure you, it is a purchase with which you will not fail.

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