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Join me in my search: this is the 350 euro mobile that I have chosen for myself

If, like me, you have to renew your mobile, let me tell you how my search has been and, of course, which mobile I have opted for.

Join me in my search: this is the 350 euro mobile that I have chosen for myself

Finding a new mobile is not easy, I tell you from personal experience. I have spent the last few days looking for the perfect smartphone that meets my requirements: AMOLED screen, good power, correct cameras and a good battery It didn’t take more than an hour to fully charge. I’m impatient, I admit it, I don’t like to be dependent on the charger for a long time.

There are many mobiles that meet these conditions, although the list of possibilities is significantly reduced when we put a limit price. In my case, I started with the idea of ​​spending around 250-300 euros, but I was forced to choose. Spend something more or reduce my pretensions in terms of characteristics? You can already imagine the answer reading the title, I chose to spend about 350 euros and opt for a very complete mobile that will accompany me for several years (if I am lucky).

Are many the names of smartphones that I have shuffled during these days, brands from Samsung until Xiaomiwithout forgetting other less popular ones like OPPO either one plus. However, seeing its characteristics and consulting some colleagues, in the end I have opted for him LITTLE F4 5G. The reasons that have led me to do so have been the quality of its screen, its power, the fact that it has android 12 factory and enjoy a few years of updatesand also the 67W fast charge. Also, I was able to buy it on salesomething that is always positive.

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POCO F4 5G, a great mobile that already has offers

POCO F4 screen

After a complicated search, this POCO has been the mobile that I have chosen / Image: Christian Collado

After thinking about it a lot, the POCO F4 5G is the mobile that I have chosen for various reasons. The first of them is its design, which looks quality thanks to the glass panel that equips in the rear part. It is true that it is easily left with fingerprints, but since I plan to use it with the protective case, I will avoid this problem. Also, the thickness of 7.7 millimeters and the weight of 195 grams tell me that it will be a comfortable phone in the hands.

On the other hand, I use my mobile a lot for multimedia consumption, either to watch a series or to follow direct on Twitch. Therefore, one of my requirements was that my new mobile had a good quality screen. The POCO F4 5G complies with a good grade in that sense, since it equips a 6.67-inch AMOLED screenresolution FullHD+ and refresh rate of 120Hz. based on in our review of the POCO F4 5G and in the words of my colleague Christian Collado, I can trust that it is a very good screen.

The POCO F4 5G brings together what I’m looking for in terms of screen, power, cameras and battery.

The processor that gives it life is the Qualcomm Snapdragon 870 5G and yes, I am fully aware that it is the same chip that equipped the previous one LITTLE F3 5G. Despite this age, I know that I will have the power I need, even when running heavy tasks. Also, arrives with android 12 under MIUI 13, something that has been especially important to you. At a minimum, I know I’ll have upgrade to android 13with LITTLE BIT working remarkably for offer better support to your terminals.

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The photographic section is not the one that receives the most importance from me, but even so I want my mobile to be able to take good pictures. In this case, the POCO F4 5G promises me quality images with its 64 MP main cameraeven when lighting is limited. I don’t pay much attention to the rest of the sensors, because I don’t usually use them, but I’ll tell you that on the back it also has an 8 MP ultra wide angle sensor and a 2 MP macro sensor, while the front camera is 20 MP.

Rear and cameras of the POCO F4

We can find three cameras on the back of the POCO F4 / Image: Christian Collado

Of course, the battery section is important to me, asking at least that the terminal reaches the end of the day with a single charge. This POCO mobile mounts a 4,500 mAh battery that ensures that day of autonomy. As I have told you, I also do not like that the phone has to be next to the charger for a long time, so I prioritized a powerful fast charge. It supports a charging up to 67Win just 40 minutes it is fully charged.

There are other details that have also influenced my decision, such as the fact of having a quality audio system Y a vibration motor at the same level than that of some of the best phones on the market. Yes, I do take into account that there are other weak points, such as having to deal with a customization layer like MIUI.


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I end up talking about another compelling reason to buy this POCO F4 5G, the price. The model that I have chosen, the one with 6 GB of RAM and 128 GB of storage, has a recommended retail price of 399.99 euros. However, he usually stars in good offers on amazon Y in the official Xiaomi store, so it is possible to save a few euros when buying it. For example, I bought it for 349 euros.

During these days I have considered buying mobiles such as the Samsung Galaxy A53 5G, the Motorola Edge 30, the Redmi Note 11 Pro and also others such as the OPPO Reno 6 5G. However, you already know that I have chosen the POCO F4 5G as my new mobile. Only time will tell if I was right or wrongI hope it’s the first.

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