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It’s here: Xiaomi’s first electric car has a presentation date

According to Chinese media, Xiaomi already has its first electric car prototype ready together with HVST Automobile Design, and they plan to show it to us… Next August!

It's here: Xiaomi's first electric car has a presentation date

Xiaomi plans compete with Tesla itself in less than 10 yearsand that actually for a company that starts from scratch in this electric car requires a lot of resources, including a lot of money and ingenuity, a staff of well-qualified experts whom Lei Jun directs directly and, why not say it too, a good dose of hype mediatic that in Haidian they already always wear.

Be that as it may, we haven’t had much progress in months with this new electric car that should be a competitively priced SUV or sedanalthough according to various local media the next step should be very close and it will be very important, because Xiaomi is going to present us the first of its EV vehicle prototypes in just a few weeks, throughout the month of August 2022 in China.

Xiaomi electric car presentation

The first prototype of Xiaomi’s first electric car is ready.

There is no definite date yet, according to what they tell us, but again It will be Lei Jun who jumps on stage to show us his progress with Xiaomi Automobile showing what will be, in effect and in practice, Xiaomi’s first 100% electric car.

They say from China that Xiaomi Automobile maintains its deadlines to try to produce some 300,000 units of its electric car annually from 2024, starting with this prototype that will be presented in August and will begin its tests immediately around the planet.

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As we mentioned, will it be just a prototype or ‘concept car’following the jargon of the automotive industry, but obviously is one of the most important steps for any manufacturerseeking to take both critics and investors with it, and definitely making believe that Xiaomi can be a rival of Tesla as we were promised.

In reports posted on social media in China, it is stated that after this presentation the first units of the Xiaomi EV car will hit the road in the form of “mules”to start testing in the Real World ™ including the classic winter tests and the almost infinite kilometers around the globe.

They say that from Xiaomi Automobile the given deadlines are maintained for a production that should start, at a commercial level and in series, looking ahead to 2024confirming in passing that will be HVST Automobile Design the person in charge of the design of this first vehicle (it is the same company that designed the WM Motor Maven).

Xiaomi’s idea is power manufacture about 300,000 cars annually in its first assembly plants, with vehicles for segments A+ and B that will have level 2 autonomous driving and estimated prices around 23,000 and 29,000 dollars starting.

Xiaomi has always been ambitious and for Lei Jun his entry into the automotive industry is almost a personal bet, so with a multi-million dollar investment of about 10,000 million dollars over the next 10 years and seeing what they have done in other sectors such as mobile phones or household appliances, we can expect the best also for electric carsOr not?

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