In Spain, Mercadona. In the USA, Apple: you can imagine where they are dying to work in China - Teknogue 24

In Spain, Mercadona. In the USA, Apple: you can imagine where they are dying to work in China

Lei Jun’s firm appears for the first time in ‘Forbes China’s Best Employers’, confirming that Xiaomi is China’s Mercadona when it comes to attracting employees.

In Spain, Mercadona.  In the USA, Apple: you can imagine where they are dying to work in China

These awards are not always an example of nothing, and in fact, many times it is the companies themselves that buy these awards for self-promotion and notoriety, both in the media and in the Real World™, making many want to work for them without knowing the internal reality of the company.

This time, as our colleagues from Xiaomiuiis your own Xiaomi who comes out on the list ‘China’s Best Employers 2002’ from Forbesconfirming that in China they are dying to work at Xiaomi just as in Spain we do it for Mercadona and other companies with great criticism and, at least on paper, good employment policies.

Everyone wants to work at Xiaomi

It seems that in China people “fight” to work at Xiaomi.

The truth is that these lists are not new and are changed annually, often with money and interest involved, although in this case we trust a little more because of the source, Forbes, and also because of the method used to carry out the study and selection.

Not surprisingly, massive surveys were conducted in China for about 3 months extracting a sample of about 70,000 peopleand then it was Forbes China and Russell Consulting Company who completed the data filtering and the choice of These Top 10 China Employersamong which are its own Xiaomi, Hitachi Energy, Schneider Electric and Bank of China.

Xiaomi has just opened the largest store in its history: more than 2,000 products and three floors
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We therefore have no doubt that indeed the third manufacturer of smartphones globally by volume of business and also a world leader in various sectors of consumer electronics and other markets is one of the companies that everyone wants to work for in Chinawith a staff currently of more than 33,000 employees full time.

The company captained by Lei Jun, in fact, had already managed to be among the best employers in the world in 2021and even reached a creditable fourth place among the “China’s Most Attractive Employers” for undergraduate engineering students.

Xiaomi Store number 10,000 in China

The opening of the Xiaomi Store number 10,000 in China. A party!

For its part, the company has shown its gratitude and pride for this awardcommitting to maintain its hiring policies and to work to provide the best benefits to its employees, including a Corporate Social Responsibility Report in which it is guaranteed that there is no gender discrimination or unfair labor practices inside Xiaomi:

Xiaomi is pleased and honored to be recognized for our employment practices. We recruit talent from around the world and give our employees the best possible opportunity to unleash their creativity, creating products that make the world better. Xiaomi is committed to operating and maintaining the highest standards and protecting the rights of our employees. Wang Xiang, partner and president of Xiaomi Group.

Xiaomi will start manufacturing mobile phones in Samsung’s mecca

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