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IKEA has a new (and cheap) shelf that you will want to buy to put your mobile


The Swedish firm approaches the most tech public with a modular piece of furniture that will charge your smartphone and allow you to enjoy the best music.

Ikea It has been a world reference in the world of the home for years. And not by chance, but because he has known how to adapt perfectly to the world in which we live, also to the technological field. In its immense catalog we can find different products related to home automation, designed to make our home something smarter.

The shelf SYMFONISK is one of them, a small shelf that acts as a bedside table and that will charge your mobile in the easiest way possible. Leave it on it when you go to sleep, you will wake up with a 100% charge.

Ikea shelf with wireless charger

This is a real smart piece of furniture.

A small piece of furniture with a built-in charger

The SYMFONISK is a shelf with wireless charger designed to be used as a bedside table. It is available in two colors, a simple white and a black that suits you really well. It has a USB-C input so that you connect it to the current, after that You just have to support your mobile to start charging.

It couldn’t be more comfortable, when one discovers the benefits of wireless charging can’t go back. Also, we don’t care about speed, since It is designed so that your mobile recovers energy calmly while you sleep peacefully.

Ikea shelf with wireless charger

Support your mobile and don’t worry, let it recover energy.

To form the complete pack, an upper part (with the same name) must be included, which is, nothing more and nothing less, than a speaker. This one fits perfectly, is again in two colors and will connect to your devices via WiFi. You can send music from your mobile with total comfort. In this way it will be configured one of the most original shelves, racks or whatever you want to call it on the market.

This SYMFONISK can already be purchased in several European countries, including Spain. If you want to get this original piece of furniture you will have to pay a total of 138 euros. The lower part, that of the charger, has a price of 39 euros. The top speaker, on the other hand, part of the 99 euros.

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