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If you wanted greater integration between your Samsung Galaxy Watch and WhatsApp, this novelty is for you

WhatsApp calls come to Samsung Galaxy Watch with Wear OS, although for now only in ‘beta’.

If you wanted greater integration between your Samsung Galaxy Watch and WhatsApp, this novelty is for you

If you want a smartwatch with Wear OS surely Samsung’s Galaxy Watch options are the most suitable nowadays, mainly because in the absence of a Pixel Watch that will still have to wait It seems that it is the South Korean watches that are serving as Dev Devices to test improvements and novelties before anyone.

The next improvement does not come from Google, in any case, and it is that as our colleagues from SamMobile following the trail of the forums Redditit seems that WhatsApp is about to bring VoIP calls through its platform to Samsung Galaxy Watchor at least that’s what some users of the versions say beta by WhatsApp.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 app drawer

The ‘beta’ version of WhatsApp already supports calls through Samsung’s Galaxy Watch.

And it is that according to the screenshots shown and the details indicated, the version beta WhatsApp number already includes the possibility of answer and make voice calls through WhatsApp on Galaxy Watch4 and Galaxy Watch5.

In any case, do not run to look for the WhatsApp app on your watches with Wear OS 3 directly, because this option is included in the WhatsApp application for linked smartphones without any native version of WhatsApp for smartwatches being available yet.

It is still a test in the ‘beta’ versions and of course WhatsApp is not expected to launch an app for smartwatches soon, although very soon you will be able to answer WhatsApp calls also on smartwatches with Wear OS.

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The functionality appears to be the same regardless of the Galaxy Watch watch model used, being able to answer calls received within the WhatsApp platform directly from the watch just as we do with any other call through conventional mobile networks.

However, as you will see, call screens displayed by Galaxy Watch4 are different than those displayed by Galaxy Watch5showing the latter the same standard One UI call screen with the image of the caller in case it exists in our contact gallery, while the Galaxy Watch4 presents a new image with a black backgroundthe caller data and the logo of the originating application of the notification.

Call screens on Samsung Galaxy Watch

This is how WhatsApp calls are displayed on the Galaxy Watch4 (left) and Watch5 (right).

We do not know if this change is due to the fact that we are still facing a functionality that has not been fully developed, and obviously although the new one with the WhatsApp logo seems more logical It is too soon to say which screen will be the definitive one to identify the calls of one or another service on watches with Wear OS.

What does seem clear is that the Meta developers want extend the functionality of WhatsApp on smartwatchesand although no native app expected soon It is good that we can answer calls from our watches in the same way as calls received from mobile networks.

Now to wait for this novelty to be included in stable versions of WhatsApp! We already know that it will take a little longer…

Only Samsung can stand up to the almighty Apple Watch
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