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HTC has just launched a new tablet, and it is logical that you have not heard


HTC did not want to make too much noise with its new HTC A101 tablet, which will arrive imminently in the main markets of Africa to gain a foothold among the most affordable devices.

as it seems that never a good time for htc The truth is that we had all forgotten a Taiwanese manufacturer now in decline, but that pioneered this industry some time ago accompanying Google with the first steps of android.

In fact, it is that HTC’s latest move has gone unnoticed for (almost) everyone, because as our classmates told us TheVergethe manufacturer based in Taoyuan has introduced a new smart tablet with Androidwhich will be basic cut and destined for the African market in exclusive.

HTC A101

The new HTC A101 tablet, already on its way to the African markets.

And yes friends, there is manufacturers that only succeed on the African continent where mobile markets are still immatureleaving space for you to sign once giants like HTC try their luck to position themselves and to be able to grow from the base.

But let’s not beat around the bush anymore, because in this case the new HTC device is quite well known, when it comes to a renewal of the HTC A100 that was presented in Russia last year with its 10.1-inch screen and a 100% functional design, without any fanfare.

HTC will not appeal to nostalgia, but will have new phones this June

Now we tell you what this new HTC A101 offers usstarting with the disclaimer necessary for a product intended for emerging countries, with very forgettable features and that make us think of the good years of an HTC that only generates nostalgia.

Not surprisingly, it should be noted that the HTC A101 has Android 11 pre-installeda version of 2020 already obsolete and that will not be updated not even so that users can enjoy Android 12L with the improvements for large screens… It might not even support it because of the hardware!

As for specifications, mount a 10.1-inch IPS screen with FHD+ resolutionanimated by a chipset Unisoc T618 What does your CPU offer? octa-core up to 2.0 GHz accompanied by 8 GB of RAM and 128 GB of storage.

We don’t know its price but it doesn’t matter too much either, because the HTC A101’s specs are pretty forgettable and the tablet won’t be sold outside of Africa.

HTC’s new tablet you can use microSD cards to expand that internal memory, also enjoying an audio-jack connector for headphones and port USB Type-C to connect OTG peripherals or charge the 7,000mAh battery which promises a good autonomy.

It supports face unlock and has three cameras, two in the rear with 16 and 2 megapixels along with another 5 megapixel front sensor perfect for video calls, meetings and possible selfie.

The truth is HTC has not wanted us to know too much about this model so we won’t see it for sure in Europe, but it wasn’t predicted a very notable success according to its benefits, since no need to know a price which will obviously be very affordable.

10 years have passed since the presentation of the first Android: this was the HTC Dream

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