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How to request an invoice in PcComponentes: request it step by step


With PcComponentes you have a very high level of control when processing your invoices. We tell you how it is done.

PcComponentes is one of the online stores with the greatest presence on the internet. If you have purchased any product for your business or company, this is what you must do to request an invoice in this store. Having it no longer only serves to process the guarantee or justify a purchase, but you can use it to deduct VAT on that purchase.

How to request an invoice in PcComponentes

First of all, you need to know that future ones issued by this store have a simplified format. That is, without any type of billing information. This format is already valid to process the guarantee or to make a return.

Now, you may need a complete invoice with all the data. Don’t worry, it’s very easy to apply. For this you have to access your client area and go to the “Orders and returns” section.

Screenshot PcComponentes

Your personal area allows you to process your invoices.

Once inside, click on the “Orders, returns and invoice” button and select “Request Invoice with Data”. the corresponding department will start to send you the invoice in electronic format as soon as possible.

Screenshot personal area PcComponentes

Selecting Invoices you can easily get it.

This also enables the following orders to be made with your PcComponentes account whether with complete invoices and with the data you have recorded.

The invoice holder will be who you have indicated in your personal client area. Once the invoice has been issued, it is not possible to change the owner, so you must be careful.

If you are a professional or your client account is for a company, you may need to the order is invoiced before the quarterly VAT period. To do this, PcComponentes issues its invoices at the end of the day on which the order is shipped. Therefore, it is important that before executing the purchase you check the delivery date, so you will know if that invoice is going to enter on the date that interests you. You will know that later, and once the document has been issued, it is not possible to change the date of the invoice, since this supposes a serious infraction.

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Is it possible to get model 347?

If, as a business, your volume of purchases at PcComponentes exceeds €3,000 in a year, you will need model 347. Thanks to this document, you can know the exact amount that the store has invoiced you and the amount of each invoice. To clear up any doubts, contact your advisor. get the model 347 it’s simple, because you can do it from your own customer panel of PcComponentes.

The equivalency surcharge

If you have a business and you are registered with the Tax Agency in the special equivalence surcharge regimeyou will have to notify PcComponentes so that in your account invoices with Equivalence Surcharge are activated. The Customer Service department will be able to process your invoices under this modality.

All this is what allows you to perform the PcComponentes client area if you have a company account and want to get an invoice for your orders.

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