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How to customize Google News to follow only the topics and media that interest you


Google News is back in Spain, so we explain how to customize the platform to suit your interests and get the most out of it.

Google News is available again in Spain, so it is the users’ turn to take full advantage of the news platform. In this guide we will explain step by step how to customize your Google News profile to only see news from the topics and media you care about.

In this way, instead of having to visit each media outlet or search for a specific topic, you will only have to enter Google News to get up to date with the most recent events. Google ensures that works with independent organizations when verifying the news, so you can rely on Google News to keep you informed.

How to customize Google News to follow only the topics and media that interest you

So you can customize your Google News profile to see only the news that interests you.

How to customize Google News to follow your favorite topics and media

The first thing you should do to customize your profile is, obviously, go to Google News website. For now, the news service it is only available through the web versionalthough the company is working on a mobile application.

Upon entering, you will see that the first thing that appears is a summary with the outstanding news. In addition, on the right side are the local news and also those personalized that Google considers of your interest taking into account your tastes. If you scroll down, you will find a category called “Your themes”, which you can customize thus:

  1. Click on the “Customize” buttonat the top right of the “Your Topics” category.
  2. In the window that opens, select which topics interest you within “Spain”, “International”, “Business”, “Science and technology”, “Leisure”, “Sports” and “Health”. Also, on the right side you can sort the topics from most to least interesting.
  3. Optional: you can always click on “Hola” to return to the initial settings.
  4. Click on “Save and close” to save the changes and finish customization in terms of themes.

Another procedure that you can carry out in Google News to personalize the news that the platform shows you is to start follow the media you consult daily. To do this, follow these simple steps:

  1. Enter the name of the medium in question in the search engine. For example, you can search “andro4all”.
  2. Press the Enter key to proceed to search.
  3. If the medium is available in Google News, it will appear on the right side of the results page.
  4. Click on the “Continue” buttonlocated under his name, to start following him.
How to customize Google News to follow only the topics and media that interest you

Click on the “Follow” button to mark the medium in question as a favorite.

It is best to repeat this process with all the news media that interest you. Then you just have to enter the “Following” tab available in the top bar to see all the media you follow. There you can sort them by level of interestas well as delete those that you no longer want to save as favorites.

With these two simple procedures you can tell Google News which are the topics and media that interest you. So the news service will prioritize that content. In addition, you should also know that in Google News you can bookmark some locations to know all the information related to that place.

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