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How to add your home address to Google Maps and why it is a trick that will make your life easier

Adding your home address to Google Maps can make your life easier when using the app. We explain how to do it and what it is for.

How to add your home address to Google Maps and why it is a trick that will make your life easier

In this article we will explain how can you add your home address to Google Maps to make using the map service much easier. This will allow you to not have to enter your home address every time you want to set it as a destination, you will only have to tap on the “Home” button and Google Maps will give you directions automatically.

The truth is that this is a procedure that I personally recommendWell, it has helped me save time and gain comfort when I had to go home, both using Google Maps on my mobile and Android Auto. Without further delay, we will explain step by step how you can add your home address to Google Maps. Eye, because you can also set other benchmarks, like your work or gym.

How to add your home address to Google Maps

Google Maps as a navigation app

Set your home address on Google Maps to make everything easier.

The main use of Google Maps is to receive directions to a specific point, whether by car, on foot or by public transport. When choosing the starting point, the app can use your location to establish it. Nevertheless, it is you who must set a destination point for Maps to create the route between both places. To do this, you must search for the specific point on the map or manually enter the address.

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This is especially annoying when you want to go to places like your home or work, because every day you have to waste time typing the exact address. Fortunately, Google Maps has a feature that allows you to save the addresses of the places you frequent most often so you can save time when you want to set them as origin or destination points.

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With a process of only a few seconds, in Maps you can save the address of your home, your work, your gym or your educational center. When you want to reach those points, you just have to tap on the name so that the application configures it as a destination and gives you direct directions to get there. This is how you can add your house to Google Maps from your mobile:

  1. Open the Google Maps app.
  2. Tap on the Google Maps iconin the top left-hand corner.
  3. tap on “House”below the search bar.
  4. Write the home address or select it on the map.
  5. Click on “Save” And that’s it, your house will be saved as a reference point in Maps.

You may repeat the same procedure to establish an address at your work, in your gym or in the educational center where you receive classes. Besides, you can also save any other location to which you want to have a shortcut, such as the supermarket you go to often or the restaurant where you usually hang out with your friends. To do this, within the “Tagged” list, tap on “Add a site”.

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Another option of this Google Maps function is modify the icon of the saved place, so you can differentiate them better in case you have two similar ones. For example, you can differentiate your main house from your secondary one, or from your parents’ house. To do this, tap on the three dot button that appears to the right of the saved place and enters “Change icon”. Choose the one you like the most and save it, the changes will be applied directly.

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The tricks for Google Maps are a good way to get even more out of the Google Maps service. Since remember where you parked your car until measure distances between two pointsMaps is used for much more than you imagine.

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