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Historical minimum of these Sony helmets with 35h of battery and noise cancellation


From 300 to 129 euros it has been the drop since they were launched, reaching its historical minimum before Prime Day.

I was looking for some good headband headphones to replace my Sennheiser from a few years ago, when suddenly i find some black Sony WH-H910N by €129. It may seem like a high price, but when they cost up to 300 euros, things change. Just a few days after prime-day we have the opportunity to get some great Sony helmets with this great discount.

These Sonys came out at the end of 2019, but the evolution of its price gives authentic vertigo. They are a great alternative to other Sony, JBL, Bose or Beats options on the market that currently command prices above 150-200 euros. Great sound quality, very good autonomy and high-level noise cancellation.

Buy some Sony headphones with a 57% discount

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The price of these Sony headphones collapses like a house of cards

These wireless Sony headphones have a pretty clean designthey are not the typical gaming headphones with many edges and colors everywhere, but something else simple and elegant. Its headband has a silicone finish that adapts better to the head, the pads are padded for a more stable and comfortable fit, and they are collapsible to be able to store them in a case or backpack and take them wherever you want.

Count on noise cancellation thanks to two microphones Millimetrically located in each headset. The Sony Headphones Connect app It detects what you are doing at all times and intelligently adjusts noise cancellation to your environment and activity. You can too customize profiles and choose them manually. In the same way, we will be able to have fluid conversations with them and in person with the transparency mode.

These Sony headphones can be used via Bluetooth or via Jack cable if you prefer.

The Drivers on these helmets are 25mm and reach the power and loudness of about 40 mm. You will have a wide range of frequencies from low to high with full definition. Through Bluetooth we usually say that the music loses quality, but with these headphones and the LDAC codec we can listen to songs of up to 990 kbps of bitrate, three times more quality than what Spotify allows you to listen to.


The design of these Sony WH-H910N is clean and elegant, and the quality of its drivers is beyond doubt

At a somewhat more technical level in sound matters, these Sony headphones have a frequency response that goes from 20 to 20,000 Hz via Bluetooth and of 5 to 40,000 Hz wired 3.5mm jack. With cable mode, the sound quality that we can reproduce will be much higher than wirelessly, we are talking about 2 or 3 times better sound. The impedance (resistance) of these will be 17 ohms, they are closed type and if you want to connect them by jack cable, one of 1.2 meters comes to you, but you can choose buy a longer one.

The battery is one of the pending tasks of all manufacturers of wireless headphones, but these from Sony are crowned in the sector. We have one autonomy up to 35 hours with a single charge. In addition, we have fast chargewhich with 10 minutes connected will give us up to 2.5 extra hours of use.

The surface of your controller is tactilewe can slide or tap to achieve various actions such as answering calls, skipping songs, pausing songs, raising / lowering the volume or calling Google Assistant to the fore to ask him to find us a song, an interesting fact on Google or a recipe you want to make.

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