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Having this Google Maps option activated can free you from a fine


Location history is one of the most controversial features of Google Maps, but it can save you from some unwanted situations

Using Google Maps can save you money, slightly. And if not, let them tell Jamie Chalmera UK citizen who was fined £100 –about 118 euros– for allegedly leaving his car parked longer than it should. However, as they say in DailyMirrorwas able to get rid of the fine by simply having an option activated in the Google Maps app.

And it is that, not only Chalmers he had not parked his car in the place where he had supposedly done it: he hadn’t even used his car that day. He was able to prove it, and get rid of the fine, after access your Google Location History

Screenshot of Google Maps on an Android mobile

The Google Maps app on an Android mobile

Google Location History saves a UK citizen from a fine

After receiving the fine, Chalmers checked his Location History to verify that, indeed, that day he had not used the car, much less parked at the scene.

Thus, he decided to send a copy of the record to the company in charge of managing the car park where he was fined, Premier Park Ltd. Thus, the defendant was able to prove his innocenceand the company withdrew the fine.

“I used my Google location history to counter their claims. It shows the times and places you’ve been and the time you’ve been driving. I appealed and showed them the evidence and they had no choice but to withdraw it.”

Thanks to his experience, Jamie Chalmers now suggests to everyone turn on Google Location History on their devices to be able to justify their movements if they find themselves in a similar situation. Note that by default this feature is disabled, so Google is not recording your location history.

For activate the optionyou just have to go to the Google Maps app and touch on you profile picture located in the upper right corner. Once there, you must tap on “Settings”, and then on “Map History”. From there, you can turn Location History on or off.

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