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Google sues Sonos for infringing its patents and asks that sales of its products be prohibited

Sonos beat Google in court. Google responds to Sonos with cross demands… And only us users have things to lose here!

Google sues Sonos for infringing its patents and asks that sales of its products be prohibited

There was a time when they were friends and worked together, but the good relations between Sonos and Google are history since in 2020 the Santa Barbara-based company specialized in high-quality audio products denounced the Mountain View giant for allegedly steal some of your technology and its intellectual property for Chromecast and Google Home devices.

Indeed, in two separate lawsuits Sonos alluded to the theft of five patents about their wireless speaker design, patented technology and related to settings multi room or multi-roomwhich according to Sonos would have allowed Google to enhance its Google Home and Nest smart speakers, as well as Chromecasts, when competing in the market.

Sonos speaker with Google Assistant

Sonos offers Google Assistant on its high-end connected speakers.

Be that as it may, and without assessing the collaboration between both companies and these possible transfers of confidential information, the truth is that Sonos had won in the first instance in court earlier this year, so Google did not want to miss the opportunity to fight back by opening new legal fronts and presenting two new lawsuits before the Northern District Court of Californiawhich will surely serve as Google’s defense.

Colleagues told us TheVergeand already in their explanations they are glimpsed Google’s intentions to recover lost ground, litigation is analogous referencing intellectual property now of Mountain View and that it would have been misused by Sonos.

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Apparently, from Google they claim that Sonos infringes up to seven patents from his portfolioall of them focused on the keyword detectionthe wireless charging of devices or voice detection features multi room through which a group of loudspeakers determines which should respond to a user request.

confirmed it Jose Castaneda, Google spokesman in this case, indicating that the lawsuits have already been filed for “defend our technology and challenge Sonos’ continued and clear infringement of our patents”. In fact, almost referring to a counterattack that balances the balance, from Google it was stated that Sonos had “started an aggressive and misleading campaign against our products, at the expense of our shared customers”.

Google will also file similar lawsuits with the United States International Trade Commission in the next few days, and will attempt to block imports of any Sonos product that infringes these patents from its catalog of registered intellectual property.

Google’s counterattack seems like a spiteful tantrum, since the strategy is identical with two lawsuits for seven patents that Sonos infringes, at least supposedly, and surely in order to get more influence over Sonos for a license negotiation.

The issue now is that, as in any relationship that has become toxic, ‘bickering’ They haven’t been long in coming, so Sonos has already responded speaking of “bullying tactics” by Google, also stating that these claims were only “retaliation against Sonos for speaking out against Google’s monopolistic practices” and try to avoid paying for licenses to “crush a smaller competitor”. All the quotes are Verbatim words of Eddie Lazarushead of the legal department at Sonos.

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At this point, and as always happens, we users can only hope for an agreement that is positive for both parties, because in the end we are the ones who usually lose in all these battles and patent wars. In fact, it is that Google has already had to remove some features as the option of joint volume adjustment in speaker groups, while also Sonos devices have run out of Google features such as access to Google Cast technology.

Sonos sues Google and asks that the sales of mobile phones, speakers and computers of the brand be suspended

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