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Google just uploaded one of its most useful (and unknown) features

If you’re one of those who used Google’s built-in timer or stopwatch, I’m afraid you won’t be happy with the decision.

Google just uploaded one of its most useful (and unknown) features

For years, Google has been introducing small tools and functions in the browser that are executed through specific searches. For example: when searching for “calculator”, the una widget will appear at the top and operations can be done quickly. Something similar happens with the queries “translator” or “time”, among many others that can be found.

But for some reason, Google has decided to remove two tools of this type from the browser. Which draws attention, because according to what they say in SERoundTableboth functions were used frequently by a significant number of users.

These tools are timer and stopwatchtwo functions first introduced in the browser in 2013, and which have now disappeared, and no longer appear when performing the corresponding query.

Google function disappears

Google has ended a service as useful as it is unknown

Goodbye to Google timer

Those who had never used this function before, should know that, thanks to it, it was possible to establish a timer through a query to the browser, without the need to access a web page. Now, instead, when performing the query “Set a timer for X minutes”, or simply, “timer”, only related search results are displayed, including YouTube videos.

google timer

Google Timer is no longer available in the browser

It is not clear why it has been decided to remove both this tool and the stopwatch tool. However, this only affects Google search through the browser: if we ask Google to set a timer through the google assistant or of search widget of Android, it will be possible to use this tool as usual.

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Nor is it ruled out that Google is carrying out improvements in both utilities, and that they could return sooner or later to the search engine. In any case, we will remain vigilant for any related changes.

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