From 99 to 59 euros: this is the bestial reduction of these high-end headphones with 38 hours of autonomy - Teknogue 24

From 99 to 59 euros: this is the bestial reduction of these high-end headphones with 38 hours of autonomy

Brutal discount for one of OnePlus’ best-selling headphones in the last year.

From 99 to 59 euros: this is the bestial reduction of these high-end headphones with 38 hours of autonomy

looking for me some good wireless headphonesI have taken advantage the coupons that AliExpress Plaza has today on your website. On the occasion of the Plaza Days, we have coupons between 2 and 30 euros of extra discount compared to the price marked on the web. and looking at some OnePlus Buds Z2I have been left alone 99 59 euros pearl white.

One pass down using the code PLA6 for purchases over 50 euros. The price on the official OnePlus website is today €99 and on Amazon we have seen them for 69 euros. Very good offer from Amazon, but on AliExpress I save extra money that always comes in handy. Furthermore, not because they are worth 59 euros they are only mediocre, but rather they are high-end sound and noise cancellation.

OnePlus Buds Z2

Get these good wireless headphones for 59 euros

coupon oneplus buds z2 aliexpress

The price of these headphones drops an extra with AliExpress Plaza coupons

There are currently few units available at this price. We do not know if, once sold out, AliExpress will replenish the stock at the marked price or increase its price. At the moment they can be yours for 59 euros shipping included from Spain.

These OnePlus Buds Z2 are pearl white, have a design very similar to AirPods Pro And I’d like to give you several reasons why you can and should buy these headphones right now (besides price):

OnePlus Buds Z2

Fantastic sound and quality hybrid noise cancellation

  • noise reduction: They integrate a noise cancellation of up to 40dBThis is thanks to the 3 microphones in each earpiece that detect distracting sounds louder than your voice and reduce them to a minimum during a call. you will have the clearer calls that you have ever done from your mobile.
  • Drums: in this model we have a total of 38 hours of autonomy, as long as we disable hybrid noise reduction. Only the headphones have a total of 5 hours of autonomy. If you always use noise reduction, the total autonomy will be 27 hours. And don’t worry about the load, because we have fast chargein just 10 minutes we will have for 5 extra hours of charge.
  • drivers: they have some 11mm drivers in size, let us remember that those of the AirPods 3 They are the same size. These types of drivers are essential to achieve a more natural, wide and enveloping. You’ll hear where the sounds are coming from, and that’s wonderful for such a tiny device.
  • wireless technology: work with Bluetooth 5.2 low consumption, but above all low latency (94ms). If you like to play games or watch series on your mobile, you will notice that there is no delay between the image and the sound that reaches your ears.
  • Endurance: The OnePlus Buds Z2 have resistance to water and dust, with IP55 certified. You will be able to walk in the rain with them on and at full capacity without problems. Of course, do not use them to swim, they are not prepared for it. But yes to hold your sweat during a vigorous workout.
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OnePlus Buds Z2

Are some fantastic and outstanding headphones In all senses, both in autonomy and in sound quality and materials, we are facing a good hearing aid that lowers from 99 official euros to 59 euros what can you get with the coupon PLA6 from AliExpress Plaza.

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