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From 85 to 35 euros: one of Amazon’s most special smart speakers falls on Prime Day


The Echo Show 5 is a smart speaker with a display that’s here to make your life a little easier.

The Amazon PrimeDay has just started, we have almost 2 days of discounts ahead on all kinds of products. Some of the most discounted will be Amazon devices, it is a great opportunity if you want to get one of their smart speakers. In fact, we are here to talk to you about Echo Show 5which has just collapsed to the €34.99.

We are talking about a device valued at almost 85 euros, you can take it with 50 euros discount. Inside it lives Alexa, the American virtual assistant, who can do much more for you than you think. You just have to start exploring the many possibilities of it.

As we have said, they are coming 48 hours full of discounts on hundreds of products. The lowest prices of the year are here and if you don’t want to miss anything, the best thing you can do is follow them with us.

Buy the Amazon speaker for very little

Echo Show 5

This is the Amazon display speaker.

This speaker is not the same as the rest, it incorporates a 5-inch screen and HD resolution which gives way to a new dimension. Not only do we have auditory information, now we can know what matters most to us with a single glance. The next events on your calendar, the controls of your smart home, the results of your favorite team…

It couldn’t be otherwise Alexa will always be there to help you, just summon her to listen. Create reminders, set alarms, ask for some data or control other smart devices in your home, if you know how to get the most out of it, the possibilities are many.

You have the possibility to create a whole network of connected devices. If you have other smart devices you will only have to pair them with Alexa, if this is not the case, some smart plugs They will serve to give life to any of your old-fashioned appliances. You can turn any lamp on and off with your voice!

You will also have the possibility to connect remotely from your smartphone and see what is happening at home while you are away. This Echo Show 5 will easily turn into a security camerawhat more can you ask for less than 35 euros?

You can get one of the most original smart speakers from Amazon, a device that opens up a whole world of possibilities. I have never seen it so cheap. It is a spectacular price that you should not miss, 50 euros discount for an Echo Show that usually drops 20 or 25 euros on offer.

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