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Free books for 3 months with this offer before Prime Day, with one condition


If you are an Amazon Prime customer you have access to this offer immediately.

You like devour books weekly? This is your day, well Kindle Unlimited now gives you 3 months of your unlimited reading service. If you have a ebook reader like a Kindle or a Kobo, you only need one thing to take advantage of this offer: be a user of Amazon-Prime.

And it is only if you are Amazon Prime you can take advantage of those 90 days unlimited reading of over 1 million books and magazines available on Amazon. If you are not Prime, it is very easy and free to become a customer of this service. If you don’t get Prime you can enjoy a trial of only 30 days of Kindle Unlimited. This service can be enjoyed both in an eBook reader and in the app on Kindle for Android and iOS, and in a browser on PC and Mac.

90 days of free unlimited reading


With Kindle Unlimited you can read more than 1 million books and magazines unlimited

The e-book reading service par excellence and with the largest number of users around the world, Kindle Unlimited gives you the power unlimited reading for 3 months only if you are an Amazon Prime customer. Until the last night of prime-day This year the offer will be available.

An especially nice feature of this service is being able to download the titles you want to your mobile device in the Kindle app, so you can read them no connection required to Internet. We all like read without distractions and if we do it from the mobile we will receive a message, mail or notification, and that is something that gets on our nerves during a concentrated reading.

Read as much as you want for 3 months and unsubscribe for free before the end.

From the section of ebooks available on Kindle Unlimited you can see more than a million titles, from the song of the horn from Noah Evans, to Retirement by Mark Edwards and Ana Alcaina. All of them works that are renewed from the catalog adding the most current and best valued on the scene.

And the best of all is that you don’t need anything more than your mobile to enjoy the service and the available Kindle app on Android Y on iOSand enjoy all the 24/7 unlimited Kindle Unlimited content. You can use the service from your computer’s browser, although I recommend, and I tell you this from experience, that you have one of Amazon Kindle e-Readers for a better experience.

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