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Former Apple employees are creating the smartwatch of the future

Humane is a ‘start-up’ created by former Apple employees, and its first development leaves us with traces of a portable device whose screen is projected by laser onto any surface.

Former Apple employees are creating the smartwatch of the future

Although the smartwatch market is already quite mature and there are options for almost all tastes, the truth is that there are a start-up almost secret and founded by former Apple employees which seems to be preparing the future of the wearableswith a product that promises to be very revolutionary and that already shows us its first teaser on video.

Is named humanethe companions of 9to5Googleand its functionality lies around an AR-based device that will have a laser-projected screen Unpublished to date both in denomination and in possibilities and options.

Humane, the smartwatch of the future

Still from the ‘teaser’ video published by Humane.

It sounds pretty good, and in fact the video that Humane has posted on their website and that we link to below gives us a glimpse of how this projection technology could be displayed on the handalthough with that slogan of “Change Everything” they are still going to have to teach us much more to convince us that this is the future of wearables:

Humane, the smartwatch of the future

This is how the Humane watch could display the information, with its laser-projected AR screen.

Humane official website (with video ‘teaser’)

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As you can see in the mini-film, which has been directed by Ryan Staake, we see a girl surrounded by a bunch of people looking at their phones and smartwatches or use VR goggles and headsets, in which it seems a fairly clear critique of current technology and our addiction to this type of device.

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They say from Humane that their goal is to create “technology that feels more familiar, more natural and more human”searching “reinvent computing” with new ways to manage, interact and take advantage of our devices mobile and wearable or our computers.

In the video, in fact, it is shown how after raising his hand to protect his eyes from the sunlight, in his hand he holds a persistent projection with an eclipse, which is Humane’s logosurely showing in a veiled way how the information could be seen with this “portable multimedia device and cloud computing platform with laser projection system” that It was patented, precisely with that literal description, back in 2020:

The laser projection system should be able to turn any surface into a screen, allowing for a more natural interaction with the wearable, integrating its functions almost like AR in the Real World™.

Humane’s Patent Sketches

As you may have seen in the sketches, some examples show superimposed information while we cook or workalmost as if it were real AR, while others tell us about information projected directly onto our handincluding a keyboard or colors of devices such as IoT or similar.

There are few reliable details for now about Humane, but there are many rumors that tell us about a wide angle camera with up to 180 degree field, stabilized with OIS and aided by a 3D camera and a LiDAR sensorwhich would be used for recognize our gestures on the air and thus be able to interact with the device.

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Packages are also mentioned. external batteries that could be attached by magnets to the deviceand even the sources have dared to anticipate a Qualcomm Snapdragon chip after the San Diego company participated with $100 million in Humane’s second round of funding.

What is clear is that the device will be around AOSP (Android Open Source Project) in terms of software, and that It has been working on its development for several years.without us having for now any leak, any advance or any more interesting information about it.

They say from Humane, at the end of the video, sign up for exclusive access to your advancesso we’ll have to sign up to see what they come up with… Will the laser projection be precise and functional?

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