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For the first time in a decade, less than half of the world’s tablets are Android

To no one’s surprise… Android tablets continue to run out of steam!

For the first time in a decade, less than half of the world's tablets are Android

It’s been a while since tablets lost the interest of yesteryearalthough the truth is that Apple’s iPad market remains large Thank you to your Magic Keyboardthe Apple Pencil and especially the great software integration which they always get in Cupertino.

Our situation is diametrically opposite, since on Android there hasn’t been a reference tablet since the days of Honeycomb and the Nexus 10and with Samsung and its Galaxy Tab S in the lead, few manufacturers have dared to introduce us new tablets that they improve sales figures that are still in free fall.

Image editing on Android tablet

The reference in Android is the Samsung Galaxy Tab S with its S-Pen stylus.

This fact may explain, at least in part, that for the first time in 10 years Apple tablets star more than 50% of global salesmanaging to sign those of Cupertino more than 5 out of 10 devices of this type that are activated around the planet and leaving Android below 50% market share and with much room for improvement.

Not in vain, Google seems to agree that Android needed to improve after introducing ourselves Android 12L with news for large format screensand from Samsung they already confirm that your Galaxy Tab S will continue to be updated with annual iterations to continue marking the top of the range in Android.

A Surface or an iPad is the best if you are looking for a tablet to telecommute

The news was told to us by the companions of Gadget Now following the trail of the latest study of Strategy Analyticsexpanding the details of a market that has grown slightly since the pandemicbut that will surely fall again in this second half of 2022 dragged by geopolitical crises, inflation and lower confidence stemming from a looming economic crisis.

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Strategy Analytics experts say average consumer purchases and choices have raised to tablets with detachable keyboard above laptopsThey offer enough versatility to do small jobs and then serve as multimedia devices in the home.

In any case, Apple shipments with its iPads fell 7% year-on-year to 14.8 million units in the second quarter of 2022, with Samsung signing huge losses of up to 13% of its 2021 sales figures, decreasing shipments to 7.1 million Galaxy Tab.

closing the podium it is Lenovo who is third again in this of the tablets, in his case with even more pronounced losses of 25% year-on-yearselling some 3.5 million units of Android tablets.

Tablets now have a more limited market, and the report’s conclusions They are very clear about it:

Demand for Android tablets underperformed the global market as all other operating systems accounted for a 15% drop. Apple benefits from a more loyal customer base than Android, but supply issues prevented them from meeting higher demand during the quarter, also falling as much as 7%.

Sorry, the iPad is unrivaled in Android

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