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Expensive mobiles have never been so expensive

Expensive mobiles have never been so expensive

We live in difficult times in which everything seems to get more expensive with each passing day. With the current geopolitical situation, it is clear that all sectors were going to experience changes that, unfortunately, do not usually represent anything good for consumers.

And yet, it seems that our sector (that of smartphones, logically) has managed, by a hair’s breadth, to avoid the consequences of the global situation… although high-end prices have not stopped rising. As stated in a study conducted by Counterpoint Researchtop-of-the-range prices are hitting record highs.

A spectacular growth in sales, the main responsible

Google Pixel 4 and iPhone 12 Pro

High-end phones continue to lead market sales

As can be read in the study, the average sale price of premium phones has grown by 8% between 2021 and the second quarter of 2022. This has caused a phone that previously cost $400 to now cost a whopping $780.

This price increase is mainly due to a 94% sales increase in the segment of phones that cost more than a thousand dollars. High-end phones like these that we recommend last July, they are living a moment of excellent form it seems.

This segment with prices above one thousand dollars has contributed to more than a quarter of global market sales in the second quarter of 2022. Its growth has also raised the average sales price to its second highest price in history.

The high-end manages to save the furniture on the market

Expensive mobiles have never been so expensive

Graph of high-end market share and average selling price increase

It was precisely thanks to the spectacular increase in sales of high-end terminals that the market has managed to stop the drop in income arising from the global geopolitical situation. Sales of premium phones are down 8% from 2021, but have still performed better than the rest of the market.

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In the rest of the segments, sales fell by 12%, which places the high-end segment as the segment that performs best for the ninth consecutive quarter.

As far as brands are concerned, Apple is the undisputed leader of the high-end with a 57% market share globally. The United States, as almost always, has continued to be its best market. According to the study, the global macroeconomic situation does not seem to have had any impact on demand. It is also the trademark that registers a greater number of switchers; users leaving Android to try another platform.

Expensive mobiles have never been so expensive

High-end mobile market shares of 2021 and 2022

On the Android side, Samsung is the undisputed leader with a 2% growth compared to 2021. It is followed, in order, by vivo, OPPO, Xiaomi and Huawei, with HONOR leading the market share under the “Others” label.

As far as Koreans are concerned, the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra is your star device and is the best-selling Android smartphone in the high-end for the second consecutive quarter.

The future continues to look good for high-end phones, as according to Counterpoint Research the segment is expected to continue to beat the rest of the smartphone market. The second half of the year will be important, with the arrival of new iPhones and new Fold devices from Samsung, which are expected to lead their respective sectors.

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