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Epic crash: the most popular Xiaomi vacuum cleaner drops to 81 euros

Your floor cleaner than before and with half the effort.

Epic crash: the most popular Xiaomi vacuum cleaner drops to 81 euros

Xiaomi has a cleaning product catalog fabulous, other manufacturers would like to be able to allocate so many resources to make our day-to-day life easier in this way. Today we have found one of their most acclaimed cordless handheld vacuum cleaners, light and balanced market. The Xiaomi Mi Vacuum Cleaner Light can be yours for just 149.99 81 euros on Amazon.

On the official Xiaomi website it also marks a good price (€99.99), but it’s not as low as Amazon’s. If you have a Vacuum cleaner robotthis vacuum cleaner it is a complement to reach those places that your little robot can not reach even if it tried.

Mi Vacuum Cleaner Light

Buy the Xiaomi handheld vacuum cleaner for 81 euros

Mi Vacuum Cleaner Light

50 aW motor and 3-step filtering are the best reasons to buy

One of the reasons you need this type of cleaning gadget is for convenience. It is much simpler that, when you want to vacuum the floor, you have to hold the vacuum cleaner with one hand, no need to plug any wire, no tangle and you can finish this process without breaking a sweat (especially in summer). It’s a vacuum cleaner it only weighs 1.2kgthat with one hand you can handle it perfectly and whose charging base it will save you space at home. I have it placed behind the guest room door, very discreetly.

Another reason that will make you buy it is because of its versatility and power. It is a vacuum cleaner that comes with several interchangeable heads that are very easy to install. The classic long tube with the large motorized brush to vacuum the soil small tube with pointed end to take away all the dirt hidden in the sofa or car seats, and I include a small brush that will remove all that dust and crumbs from the computer keyboard, and with which you can finally clean the accumulated dust from the blinds at home.

The 3-step filtering of this vacuum cleaner removes up to 99.99% of the dirt in your home.

Inside it mounts a small and light 50 aw suction motor Equipped without a high-speed brush to offer a more uniform and efficient vacuum. The battery in this vacuum cleaner has a approximate duration of 45 minutes (12 minutes at full power), enough to clean the floor or pass it through the car, or the sofas at home. We have 2 power modes: standard and MAX.

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the system filtering in 3 steps separates the dust from the dirt of a larger size. Dust is trapped as it passes through the cyclone filter, another filter and filter cotton. Then the clean air comes out the other end. on the charging base We will have room for both the vacuum cleaner and the rest of the available heads, all well organized.

Mi Vacuum Cleaner Light

Whenever we want empty the tank after each cleaning of dirt, we just press a button and release it. It is very easy to clean, as well as the filters that, with a quick pass of water and let them dry, they will be ready and good as new for a new task. The HEPA filter (the fluted paper one) is recommended to be washed every 2-3 months. For 81 euros you will not find a better vacuum cleaner in this style right now.

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