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At the price of Xiaomi, but better: this wireless and very powerful vacuum cleaner drops 50 euros

Having these types of cleaning devices at home is a great help.

At the price of Xiaomi, but better: this wireless and very powerful vacuum cleaner drops 50 euros

We recently recommended one of the most compact and powerful Xiaomi vacuum cleaners they had in stock. your catalog of cleaning products. However, today we have come across a cordless vacuum cleanerof the same style as that of Xiaomi, but that achieves best results for a very similar price, €129.99. Just dropped 50 euros thanks to a 40 euro coupon from Amazon and the discount code U11PROLJ from the manufacturer that they have sent us exclusively.

The Ultenic U11 Pro is a vacuum cleaner powerful, with lots of accessories, good autonomy and a series of functions that will make you opt for this and not for Xiaomi. Its price has fallen from the official 179.99 euros and represents the biggest drop in its history since it was launched on the market. I don’t know about you, but I’m going to buy one for my mother.

Mark the coupon of 40 euros before adding the product to the basket, and then add the code U11PROLJ in the basket

Ultenic U11 Pro

Buy a cordless vacuum cleaner better than Xiaomi for the same price

amazon ultenic vacuum cleaner price

50 euros direct discount and free shipping for a competent cordless vacuum cleaner

Is cordless vacuum cleaner have a suction power up to 25,000 PA. We can choose between 3 suction powers, but it only goes into the most powerful mode once it detects a carpet or surface that is difficult to vacuum (rugs, mochets or artificial grass). It is especially very effective to remove breadcrumbs, pet hair and above all accumulated dust from the floor.

Ultenic U11 Pro

Ultenic vacuum cleaners have nothing to envy to Xiaomi or Dyson

Ultenic’s most Pro vacuum cleaner is accompanied by 4 brushes for different situations and vacuum locations. A larger medium nylon brush with built-in LEDs to see in the dark or under furniture, another specially designed for carpets, a smaller one to reach the most difficult corners of a sofa, a car seat or the keyboard of a computerand finally a special brush for pets that, while removing dust and dead hair, can comb our beloved and furry animal.

It’s an all-purpose vacuum, my dog ​​loves it.

Your battery will give us up to 50 minutes of useenough to clean a 100 m² surface ample. Of course, this duration is in the least powerful mode, if we want to put it at full power, the battery life will be less than 10 minutes, as with all vacuum cleaners of this type on the market. We can charge the vacuum cleaner in two ways: one is on its base and the other is by removing the battery and charging it separately.

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The hepa filter that integrates and that we can wash, makes a 4-layer filtering capturing 99% of allergens present in the air such as pollen or mold. The vacuum cleaner filters the dirty air and returns it to the outside completely clean. The 650 ml dirt tank it can be removed and emptied easily and quickly.

Ultenic U11 Pro

If I now had a budget of around 100 euros, it would be between Xiaomi and Ultenic, but for power and accessories, the Ultenic U11 Pro is much more complete and the price difference is minimal.

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