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Apps have a new target: your lock screen

Glance is in talks to introduce its lock screen platform to US Android phones within two months.

Apps have a new target: your lock screen

The lock screen is an element of smartphones that increasingly shows us more useful information such as time, weather or pending notificationsbut everything seems to indicate that very soon it could appear in it other information such as news or announcements.

At the release of iOS 16, Manzana announced that the iPhone lock screen would become a space where app developers could advertise their creations and now, thanks to the specialized media TechCrunchwe just learned that this could also reach Android from the hand of Glancea startup with a large presence in Asia that plans take your lock screen platform to the rest of the world.

Glance Android

Glance, an app that shows you news headlines, videos or games on your lock screen, is coming to Android phones very soon.

Glance will hit US Android smartphones first

Glance, a subsidiary company of the InMobi Group, an Indian ad technology company, plans launch your lock screen platformwhich personalizes the content displayed based on the interests of each user, on Android smartphones in the United States within two months and to achieve this goal, it has already started talks with the main telephone operators in the American country.

Glance is an application that shows you a series of cards on the lock screen of your Android mobile called “Glances” (“Glances”) with contents such as news headlines, videos, quizzes, games, or photos.

Glance has decided to change its strategy and negotiate with telephone operators instead of with smartphone manufacturers because in the United States the vast majority of Android mobile sales are made through operatorsas these are sold together with mobile data plans.

Apps have a new target: your lock screen

These are some of the contents that Glance will show you on the lock screen of your Android smartphone.

According to the source consulted, Glance is preparing a “premium” offer for the United States, since in this country users are more accustomed to paying for digital services.

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It should be noted that Glance has a large presence in Asia, where is present in more than 400 million mobileswhich already has agreements with some of the main smartphone manufacturers worldwide such as Samsung either Xiaomi and that Google is one of your company’s investors.

Regarding its arrival in the United States, the spokespersons for Glance have declined to make any statements, but the startup already announced in February that was planning to expand globally in the next few years.

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Glance will begin its landing on Android in the United States and if it achieves the expected results, it is most likely that don’t take too long to reach Europe’s smartphones.

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