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Amazon’s Spotify for free: 3 months free with 90 million songs, for a limited time

The streaming music service of the American giant that is growing the most and that offers the best sound quality.

Amazon's Spotify for free: 3 months free with 90 million songs, for a limited time

Who more and who less listens to songs every day through one of the existing music on demand services. Some use Spotify, others Amazon Music, and many others Apple Music. Today Amazon offers us its double opt-in a MusicUnlimited on the face for the next 3 months. Double subscription because Music Unlimited and Music HD are integrated for the same price, €0.00. I have burned my Echo Dot 4 at home with so much “Echo, play house music” and I’m making the most of your subscription.

Music Unlimited is a premium music streaming service that offers the possibility of listening, at maximum quality, over 90 million music tracks, podcasts and exclusive radio stations. But only Until September 6 This promotion will be active as part of the Back to School promotion.

Music Unlimited FREE (3 months)

Save 3 months of Music Unlimited

listening to music

With Music Unlimited the limits are set by you and HD quality is set by Amazon

This promotion is valid both for clients of Amazon-Prime as for any new user. Of course, if you previously benefited from a similar Music Unlimited promotion, you will not be able to take advantage of this time. The promo is active from August 16 to September 6. You may cancel your subscription to this service for free whenever you want during the 3 months of the trial. Once this period has ended, you will be charged the fee corresponding to the subscription you have started (individual or family).

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Because yes, you can do your face for 3 months with one single subscriptionwhich usually costs 9.99 euros/month, or with a relative (for up to 6 devices) which costs 14.99 euros/month. An important piece of information about this promotion is the type of subscription that is applied once the trial period ends:

  • There are annual plans in which we usually save 2 months of subscription with a single annual payment. However, with this promo we cannot link, once the trial time has elapsed, to an annual subscription. We will automatically be customers of a Music Unlimited monthly plan (individual or family). If we want to have an annual plan, we must unsubscribe and re-enroll in the correct plan to make a payment per year saving a good handful of euros.

Music Unlimited Family FREE (3 months)

The Music Unlimited service includes Music HDwhere we can find thousands of songs uploaded to the Amazon cloud just as they were recorded in the studio. Up to 3.7 Mbps sound quality, a definition only achieved by other platforms such as Tidal or Apple Music. Spotify only offers a maximum of 320 Kbps of quality to its customers.

Girl listening to music

Music Unlimited proposes a family plan of 149 euros per year for 6 accounts, the best option

If you want to take advantage of this music service with premium qualityyou will need to resort to expensive audio equipment or specially wired headphones designed for listening to lossless music (without losses). With an Echo speaker you won’t be able to take advantage of all the quality of Music HDnot even with a EchoStudiothe best speaker on Amazon.

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Music Unlimited FREE (3 months)

Similarly, in Music Unlimited you will find thousands of songs recorded in Dolby Atmos and 360 Reality Audiosome formats specially designed to experience the music around you with audio equipment or headphones that are prepared for it.

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