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Amazon Prime Day 2022: when is it and what do we expect from that day


We already have a very confirmed date for the day of greatest offers for Prime customers.

As every year Amazon celebrates its prime-daya day of offers, that this year there are two, in which there will be discounts on products from all categories like you have never seen before. It is a day that has been celebrated since the summer of 2015, the date on which Amazon turned 20 since its creation.

Despite the fact that it began as a day in which only the best offers were produced for 12 hours, now has passed 48 hours in which only the clients of Amazon-Prime have access to these types of discounts. If you are not a Prime customer yet, I don’t know what are you waiting for for sign up for free.

When is Prime Day 2022 celebrated?

prime day packages

During the days of Prime Day millions of packages will circulate on the roads of half the world

The next July 12 and 13, 2022 One of the most anticipated moments of the year for Amazon Prime customers will take place. It’s 48 hours of fascinating offers in which the prices of millions of products will be reduced even at more than 50% of its original value. Prime Day, with respect to black fridayit is the day of highest Amazon turnover of the yearsomething that they have seen with little eyes from other stores that are added to these days of unbridled discount.

Other online stores like AliExpress They will make their own version of Prime Day to try to scratch a large number of users who are looking for the desired purchase for months on those days. Watch the prices of the products that you have been wanting to obtain for a long time and thus you will be able to see whether or not the discount is worth it.

Remember that if you are not an Amazon Prime customer you will not be able to take advantage of the craziest prices that occur in these expected 48 hours. Although we can anticipate that there will be some flash offers to which all users with an Amazon account (paid or not) will be able to access during the 12th and 13th of July.

We certainly hope that during those two days of Prime Day we can buy some of those gadgets that we’ve been wanting to get our hands on it for a long time or that garment for the summer that we had in mind to take. There will be two days in which we will show you the best offers of the moment during the 48 hours that the event lasts.

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