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Amazon Prime Day 2022: how to tell if a review is real


This way you can detect if they are cheating us from the product comments section.

The Amazon PrimeDay this year is celebrated on July 12 and 13, we already know what will the offers be like and it is estimated that it exceeds all expectations. Last year’s numbers will no longer be a reference and those of this 2022 will sweep them away completely, but… Do we know if all the purchases will be real and the opinions of the buyers totally true?

At the time of buying we usually look at the price, the number of sales and the customer’s evaluation. We even usually go down to the questions and answers section, and to the comments section to see the impressions of the already owners of that product that we long to have. So when we go shopping and review these parts of a product ad, there’s another element to keep in mind. to trust 100% of the comments Of customers.

Fake reviews exist: the virus that undermines the health of Amazon

beware fake reviews

Be very careful when you read a product review on Amazon, it could be paid

While it is true that a large number of users who comment on a purchased product do so from the bottom of their hearts, there are others who are motivated by other benefits (a gift voucher), and not just to help the buying community make the right decision. Many of the manufacturers and sellers who advertise their products on Amazon usually accompany a small card in the box suggesting a positive review (5 stars) in exchange for the return of the purchase amount. This fact is not known to us until we have the package in our hands.

How do these refunds work? Once we have received the package and written the review on Amazon about it, Amazon itself will accept that comment to be published in the product reviews section. Once this is made public, we will only have to send a screenshot of our comment and the URL of it to the brand by email and in a few days we will have a gift voucher of the value of the purchase to redeem in our Amazon wallet. This was a very common practice of firms such as Aukey, which was Banned from Amazon in a sudden way in 2021.

Verified purchases: Amazon’s weapon to eradicate the virus

On the part of the client it is beneficial to buy something and refund the full value of the product, free things. However, Amazon knows that if this ball goes higher, the real buyers they will feel cheated little by little, reaching the point where what we buy has not been used by any of the buyers. Also, Amazon is losing millions with this problem, so it has taken action with the verified purchases.

Amazon verified purchases

With ‘verified purchases’ we make sure that the person giving the opinion has bought the product and has used it

Verified Purchases are those customer reviews that Amazon identifies and shows that they have been from buyers with a use of the product. Amazon marks these comments with “Verified Purchase” right under the headline opinion, and at least we make sure as buyers that the person who has bought the product has used it and gave an opinion based on a use.

Anyway, this step forward It is not 100% definitive.. Amazon cannot verify that the user who has bought and commented on a product is not doing so based on an economic benefit or return of the amount spent. The next step will be that all the packages must be packed in Amazon warehouses to verify that there is no manufacturer’s card in any package with certain ‘benefits’ in exchange for fake reviews.

But hey, the opinions that are not marked with ‘Verified Purchase’ do not have to be fake or paid. There are opinions that have been written there for many years and Amazon has not been able, to date, to verify them as ‘real’. Read each of the reviews well, and if you have doubts, you can search for the same product on other websites to confirm or deny your findings.

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