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Amazon Prime Day 2022: how long are this year’s deals and how to follow them up to the minute


Not sure if that product will drop in price and how long it will be on sale? We tell you everything you need to know about the type of offers we expect.

We already know when will prime day take place of Amazon in this 2022, and also how to shop safely of do it at a good price. Today we want to show you the time you have to take advantage of an offer this yearsince there are several types of discounts and items They will have variable durations.

The prime-day of this year is approaching as one of The best times to dust off your wallet and make use of that credit card you have for these occasions. But it’s not always easy know whether or not you can take advantage of that offer that you have seen in a push notification on your mobile, if it will last longer or if, on the contrary, it will go up in price again before you can buy it. That’s what we’re here for, to explain how you should follow Prime Day so you don’t miss any important offers.

What kind of deals are there on Prime Day 2022

Prime Day Echo

On Amazon Prime Day we will find a multitude of offers

As always, Amazon is going to distribute these 48 hours of offers in various types of discounts and durations. On the one hand, we will have the outstanding offers that will have a duration of 24 and 48 hours. On the other, we will have the presence of the long-awaited flash offers with a duration of up to 12 hourswhich you should take advantage of yes or yes in a very limited time and stock. And finally, this year there will be a new incorporation of offers such as flash dedicated to the public. Yes, you read correctly, there will be offers for clients even without being Amazon-Prime. These will have a undetermined durationwe imagine that they will go depending on the available stock.

So, we can summarize the offers for its duration as follows:

  • Top and exclusive offers for Prime customers: 48 hours. They will be those in which the stock is less limited, with units for the whole world and that will be present from 0:00 in the morning of 07/12 (on the 11th at night).
  • Flash: up to 12 hours. They are usually offers of less recognized products, but we could find some of great depth such as high-end mobiles or best sellers in any category. These offers will be available to all users who have an Amazon account, whether they are Prime or not.
  • reconditioned: These products could have a duration of up to 48 hours from the start of Prime Day, but we do not dare to predict it exactly, as they are limited in stock. The discount percentages will be around 10-20% in most of them.
  • Services: MusicUnlimited, Kindle Unlimited either Audible they will have more extended free trials than we are used to.

How to follow Prime Day 2022 deals up to the minute

prime day deals

Having Amazon notifications turned on, some products in the basket or using extensions are useful options

As easy as going to our offers section during those two days to learn about the best Prime Day deals. But if you want to get to the point, save the landing page Amazon Prime Day where the store will be adding the new offers minute by minute during those 48 hours of ofertil madness.

On the other hand, if you have already had my eye on several products and you want Amazon to notify you when the price has dropped, as easy as going to the product’s website and add it to your cart of the purchase. Once its price is altered, Amazon will notify you with this change. In this way you can quickly access your basket and buy the product if has reached the desired price.

Another effective method is to add it to a wish list. Once inside, we can give a higher priority to certain products. With this we get that Amazon notify us of a downward price change.

change wishlist priority

We can give a higher priority to each product on our Amazon wish list

As you have already seen, Prime Day 2022 it will be very complete. Not only will Prime customers take advantage of these two days, but also the rest of the public You will have the opportunity to buy many products at the best price.

We cannot know for now which products they will have a good discountbut since Prime Day is celebrated, all Amazon’s own devices and services have had a succulent price drop. echo speakers, Kindle eBook readers or the fire tv stick They could have a big discount. We cannot guarantee it 100%but if you were planning to buy any of these, wait until July 12 just in case.

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