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Alexa’s Most Unexpected Feature: She Can Imitate Any Voice, Even The Dead


The new thing about Alexa is surprisingly scary: it can imitate the voices of deceased people.

Perhaps, in the not too distant future, the smart speaker you have at home speaks to you with the voice of a deceased person. Or, at least, that’s one of the ideas that Amazon showed the world during the re:Mars conference in Las Vegas this week.

The company has managed to develop a technology that would allow AlexaAmazon’s virtual assistant, imitate with great precision the voice of one person who has diedafter listening to a recording of a few minutes of said person.

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Alexa can mimic the voices of dead people, listening to a recording of their voice for just a few minutes.

The feature won’t come to Echo speakers, for now

Rohit Prasad, Senior Vice President and Chief Scientist of the Alexa team, was on hand to announce this new feature. During the conference, he explained that, although artificial intelligence cannot suppress the pain caused by the loss of a loved one, it can help your memory prevail.

“There is no doubt that we live in the golden age of AI, where our dreams and science fiction are becoming reality” – Rohit Prasad

As a demonstration, the company showed a video in which a child asked the virtual assistant to read a book with the voice of his deceased grandmother. And this one, having listened to an audio recording of less than a minute in length, he was able to perfectly imitate that voice.

Of course, not everyone would be comfortable with a feature like this built into Amazon speakers. In any case, the company has no intention, at the moment, of integrating it into his virtual assistantand rather it remains as a demonstration of what can be achieved by harnessing the power of artificial intelligence.

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