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A whole Roomba lady at the lowest price in its history: only 299 euros

The price of the Roomba 971 suffers a spectacular drop on Amazon: from 499 to 299 euros.

A whole Roomba lady at the lowest price in its history: only 299 euros

were you expecting a good price drop to get one roomba? Well, you know that the mark queen of robot vacuum cleaners has just collapsed the price of one of its most successful models, the Roomba 971.

you can have a robot vacuum cleaner of a brand Leader (iRobot has been making Roomba’s since 2002) at a knockout price: only 299 eurosthis being his lowest historical pricesince this model usually oscillates between 300 and 400 euros.

Roomba 971

Get the Roomba 971 at a minimum price on Amazon

Roomba 971

The Roomba 971 is one of the brand’s best-rated “robo-vacuum cleaners”

Are you interested in taking advantage of this offer? If so, you have to know that this Roomba 971 occupies a prominent place in the iRobot mid-rangebeing one of the best-selling robots and reliable (eye to Amazon valuations) of these last two years.

Basically, the Roomba is something like the iPhone of robot vacuums, functioning as an industry standardsomething that is mainly due to its superior suction power ya your advanced navigation system.

Naturally, this Roomba 971 is not far behind, enjoying house brand technologies such as Dirt Detectwhich allows the robot detect which are the dirtiest areas of your home in order to give them a little more “love”. Come on, if for example your pet is usually in the living room, the Roomba 971 will be more insistent with that stay without you having to say anything.

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It achieves this thanks to its innovative navigation system, which will perform a detailed mapping of all your house to circulate in a way always tidy and, furthermore, adapted to your cleaning needs and to the robot’s own autonomy.

Roomba 971

It also has two multi-surface rubber brushes compatible with pet hair capable of reaching every corner of your home, included corners. As if that were not enough, you can control it both with the iRoomba application and with your voice, since it is compatible with Alexa and the Google assistant.

Needless to say, it is a robot vacuum cleaner with all the guarantees of a brand like iRobot, which has been on the market for decades carrying the reliability as a flag. In short, a true Roomba lady to a very attractive pricea perfect bargain with which you can enjoy one of the “tanks” of robotic cleaning.

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