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A rumor points to a possible new Xiaomi brand: cheap and with the spirit of Nothing

Xiaomi could be preparing the launch of a new brand, a firm designed for true technology lovers.

A rumor points to a possible new Xiaomi brand: cheap and with the spirit of Nothing

Xiaomi is a giant that sells millions of smartphones worldwide, many of them under its two sub-brandsthose firms that live under its protection. redmi Y LITTLE BIT They have tremendously popular devices in their catalog, but it might not be enough for the Chinese firm.

As pointed out from The Mobile Indianand based on “anonymous” sources, Xiaomi would be close to presenting a new sub-brand. We would find ourselves before a new combatant in the sector of cheap smartphones, a new path taken by Xiaomi to compete with itself.

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Xiaomi sells different products under its sub-brands.

A signature for technology lovers

You have to take all the information with a grain of salt, since the sources do not seem too reliable. In any case, if it were true, we would find ourselves facing exciting news. The reason? Xiaomi’s new sub-brand would be intended for the most enthusiastic and would pretend to recover the magic of what once were firms like one plus or POCO itself.

The most surprising thing would come with the software, since nothing related to MIUInor with the bloatware that we have traditionally found in some of the Chinese firm’s terminals. The new sub-brand would carry clean software as its flag, close to the experience provided by google-pixel.

Pixel 6a and Nothing Phone 1

A clean and smooth experience provided by Xiaomi? / Image: Christian Collado

We could even compare this possible line of devices to Nothing, one of the firms that has created the most expectation in recent times. Led by Carl Pei, former head of OnePlus, has presented the Nothing Phone (1) just a few weeks ago. It may be that all the hype created around it is not justified, but it has meant a little breath of fresh air in the market.

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Rumors also talk about the series Snapdragon 700 as chosen processors, we should not expect very powerful terminals. In addition, rapid updates would be included for several years. A Xiaomi with good specifications, pure software and a good price? Everything that these rumors ensure seems somewhat complicated, but as they say, hope is the last thing to be lost.

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