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9 WhatsApp news in recent days that you might have missed


WhatsApp prepares great news for the coming months. Keep up to date with all of them, perhaps they can help you get more out of the platform.

WhatsAppthe most popular messaging platform, is constantly changing to offer a better experience to its users. We see this clearly with the announcements of its novelties, which are made public practically every day. To keep you up to date with future changes to WhatsApp, in this article we collect the 9 WhatsApp news of these last days that you may have overlooked.

Please pay attention, because some of these new changes and features may significantly improve the use you make of the platform. Some of them reach the mobile appwhile other modifications will be available for Windows version. For example, these novelties advance us improvements in the reactions to messagesthe arrival of new filters and also confirm other things we already knew, such as a tool to quickly transfer chats from Android to iOS.

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Discover the latest WhatsApp news.

More control for group admins

One of the novelties that WhatsApp prepares will greatly benefit administrators of private groups. Until now, these could send invitations to users to join group chats. as it progressed WABetaInfoin the future administrators will be able to activate a function that will allow them to be able to choose whether they accept or reject each join request they receive.

It is a very useful tool, because the invitation link can reach people who do not really have to be in the group. Thus, administrators will have the last word, more control over the users who join the group. Therefore, they will also save time by avoiding having to eliminate those who sneak in the private group without being invited.

Easy transfer of chats from Android to iOS

Now you can transfer your WhatsApp chats from Android to iOS easily without losing all your conversations, images, audios and files along the way. This is possible thanks to the launch of the Move to iOS appwhat can you free download from google play store.

When you open this app on your Android, select the iPhone you want to transfer the data to and also select it.The specific files you want to transfer. Then you just have to wait for the process to finish. One thing to keep in mind is that the source terminal must be updated to at least Android 5.

The option to move WhatsApp chats in Move to iOS

The “Move to iOS” app includes the option to transfer WhatsApp chats.

Cover photo for WhatsApp Business accounts

Another novelty that we have seen recently is that the accounts of whatsapp business they can set a cover image for their business profile. This way of vitaminizing profile photos has been in development since February, though so far it has not reached WhatsApp Business Beta on Android.

If you have a business and you use the beta version of WhatsApp Business, you can now set a different cover photo than your profile image. For it, go to Settings and click on the profile picture itself. Plus, to see other businesses’ cover photos, just tap on their profile.

9 WhatsApp news in recent days that you might have missed

WhatsApp is going to include cover images in the application, and this is what they look like

Exclusive filter for unread chats

If you are one of those who usually leave conversations unread for several days, this WhatsApp novelty is designed for you. The platform prepares a filter that allows you directly access those chats in which you have unread messages. Thus, you will not have to browse through all the open conversations to find the chats that you have pending to answer.

At the moment, this feature is under testing in the WhatsApp Desktop Beta 2.2221.1 version for Mac and Windows. Just click the filter buttonto the right of the search bar, to bring up unread chats directly.

React to a message with any emoji

A new update has reached WhatsApp Beta for iOS, which has allowed us to know that soon we will be able to react to a message with the emoji we want. This novelty is not a surprise, since The reaction with any emoji is already being tested in WhatsApp Beta for Android. However, it does let us know that the new feature still stands.

We will only have to press and hold the message to which we want to react and tap on the + button. In this way, we will access the full emoji gallery and we can select the one we want to use for the reaction.

The calls are renewed with 3 novelties

WhatsApp calls evolve with 3 new features that we are looking forward to receiving. Perhaps the most important of them is the one that allows us mute a user during a call, so we can avoid being disturbed while we have a conversation. This is possible by touching on its name, an action that will also give us access to the send a private message to that user specific.

Finally, WhatsApp will soon show a notice at the bottom of the screen when someone joins the video call. This is a very useful indicator, especially when participating in calls with many participants.

New features in WhatsApp calls

The new features of WhatsApp calls are going to be available very soon.

Pause and restart audio recording in Windows

If you install version 2.2223.11.70 of WhatsApp Beta for Windows, you will receive one of the most interesting features that have come to WhatsApp recently. It’s about the pause and then restart the audio recordingwhich allows us to stop recording a voice note, listen to what we have recorded and then resume recording again.

Previously, in the beta version it was possible to stop the recording and listen to the audio, but it was not possible to resume it to continue with the audio. Thanks to this new update, you will be able to stop audio recording if someone or something interruptsknowing that later you can pick up right where you left off without any problem.

Automatic creation of image albums

Another novelty that has come to Windows Beta is the automatic creation of image albums. This way, when a user sends more than 3 videos and photos in a row, these will be automatically grouped into an album so that the receiver can see them more comfortably. Thus, you will not have to scroll through the chat to see each of the images, you will be able to see them all from the album.

How to send messages and photos that disappear on WhatsApp

Reactions come to WhatsApp on Windows

Users using the Beta version of WhatsApp on Windows can also react to messages now. In this case, they will find a button with an emoji on one side of the message. By clicking on it, a window with six emojis will be displayed with which you can react to a message. Seeing that it will soon be available for Android and iOS, the most normal thing is that in the future you can also react with any emoticon in WhatsApp for Windows.

As we have seen, the last few weeks of WhatsApp have been quite busy. All that remains is to wait for the new features prepared by the platform to reach the final version of the app and, in this way, we can all enjoy them. As always, at Andro4all we will keep you up to date.

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