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8 not too well-known free apps that are worth trying

These are the best 8 lesser-known apps on the Play Store that we recommend you try.

8 not too well-known free apps that are worth trying

Even though the Google Play Store has a wide range of applications of all kinds, both free as payment, it is very common that we only use the most popular apps or those recommended to us own app store Google.

For this reason, we have found it interesting to bring you 8 Little-Known Free Android Apps Worth Trying.

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Applications on an Android mobile

AppBrain AppMarket

AppBrain App Market is a free app, of which we talked to you recentlywith which you will be able find, quickly and easily, all new applications that arrive on Google Play every week.

This app is really simple to use, since you only have to apply a couple of filters to find the best free apps that have recently arrived at the Play Store.

Once you have located the app you are interested in, AppBrain will also allow you to install it directly from its interfacesince, just by pressing the button Installthis will redirect you to the application installation menu selected on Google Play.

Google Play Store | AppBrain AppMarket

Soul Browser

If it happens to you like me and you think that all the most popular Android web browsers (ChromeFirefox, Edge and Opera) are missing something, you should try Soul Browser, a standalone browser riddled with customization options and features.

Thus, regarding the design part, this browser allows you to customize the search bar, the tab bar, the icons, the menus and it has a very well optimized dark theme.

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But the most interesting thing about this browser is its multiple functions, since with Soul Browser you will be able to edit photos, read PDF files, download multimedia content via torrentscan QR codes, take scrolling screenshots, customize DNS to browse more safely, block all advertising from websites, convert any text to audioread articles more comfortably thanks to the reading mode, configure a series of gestures to move faster through the interface and automatically translate any text that is in another language.

Soul Browser is a totally free app with ads that you can download from the direct link to the Play Store that we leave you below.

Google Play Store | Soul Browser

air hopping

Another of the little-known applications on Google Play that you should try is Airhopping, a free tool with which you can find the best deals on flights and accommodation to organize your vacations or weekend getaways and not pay an extra euro.

With Airhopping you can find the cheapest flights and receive plane tickets a few days before flying without having to check-in for each airline.

Google Play Store | air hopping

Shipment Tracking

Shipment tracking is a free application that will allow you track all your packages in an agile and uncomplicated way.

Thus, to use this app you simply have to add order tracking IDmanually or using the built-in QR code scanner, and you will immediately see all the tracking information of the same.

Shipment Tracking is compatible with a wide variety of courier companies such as Correos, Seur, DHL or MRW, among others.

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Google Play Store | Shipment Tracking – Correos, DHL, Seur, MRW

Infinity for Reddit

Although there are many applications to navigate Reddit on Google Play, without a doubt Infinity is one of the best free apps to consult the popular microblogging platform.

This is so because Infinity has a modern design and very easy to use which makes the experience of browsing the different Reddit threads really satisfying.

In addition, Infinity allows you create your own multireddits with your favorite Reddit threads organized by categories, manage different accounts and switch from one to another quickly and even has a “lazy mode” that takes care of scrolling for you.

Google Play Store | Infinity for Reddit


If you want to start accumulating cryptocurrencies without paying a single euro, you should try Carrot, a free app with which you can get satoshithe “cents” of Bitcoin, simply for read articles in English about the current situation of the different cryptocurrencies.

In addition to earning Bitcoins by reading articles, those responsible for Carrot share from time to time on your Twitter account temporary free codes that you can redeem for packs of satoshis and thus grow your wallet faster.

Google Play Store | Carrot


GuruWalk is a very useful application with which you can find the best free sightseeing tours of the city you are visiting. This app gives you very complete information on each tourist tour, since it informs you of the available languages, the day and time in which the tour will take place, its themethe places to be visited, the description of the guide and the opinions and comments of other users who have made the same tour.

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GuruWalk is a completely free app, without ads or in-app purchaseswhich you can download from the link that we leave you under these lines.

Google Play Store | GuruWalk – Free tours


YouGov is a free application, of which we talked to you a few months agothanks to which you can earn cash and Amazon gift vouchers simply by answering a series of surveys that the app sends you from time to time.

Each survey you answer gives you between 25 and 50 points and when you reach 3,000 points you can exchange them for 25 euros in cash or by an Amazon gift card of the same amount.

Google Play Store | YouGov

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