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8 new applications of these last weeks that we recommend you try

These 8 new applications from the Play Store are very worthwhile, give them a try!

8 new applications of these last weeks that we recommend you try

If you are one of those who usually browse the Google Play Store looking for new free applications for your android mobile of all kinds, you are in the right place because today we have compiled for you the 8 best new apps that have arrived in the app store Google over the last few weeks.

Within this selection you will find apps as useful as JamMusic Jam Music downloaderScrollo: Auto Scroll Up & Down, FlxVPN – Secure&Fast Proxy or Radio Remix Music Player.

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JamMusic Jam Music downloader

JamMusic Jam Music downloader

JamMusic Jam Music downloader

JamMusic is a free application with which you can download and play a large number of royalty-free songs. This app uses the Jamendo API to give you access the entire catalog of Jamendo.com songswhich is made up of millions of songs of all styles.

Google Play Store | JamMusic Jam Music downloader

Icon Pack – Gray

Icon Pack - Gray

If you like to customize the home screen of your android mobile with different and original icons, you can not stop trying Icon Pack – Grey, a pack of simple yet elegant 3D icons with shades of gray that will give another air to your smartphone.

This new icon pack is compatible with the vast majority of launcher for android and, in addition, it includes a set of gray wallpapers perfect to complement these icons.

Google Play Store | Icon Pack – Gray

Scrollo: Auto Scroll Up & Down

Scrollo is a simple, but practical free application that will allow you scroll a page simply by touching a button. Thus, thanks to this app, you can scroll up and down a page or an app with a single click.

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Also, this app allows you choose between a fast or slow automatic scrolling and it does not collect any data, so your privacy is totally safe.

Google Play Store | Scrollo: Auto Scroll Up & Down

Radio Remix Music Player

Another of the new Play Store applications that you should try is Radio Remix Music Player, a complete player with which you can listen to all the songs and audiobooks that you have downloaded on your terminal.

With this app you can identify the songs that are playing around you, play them and create personalized playlistswhich you can then share with your friends quickly and easily.

In addition, this application also allows you to discover new songs thanks to its recommender and receive notifications of new releases from your favorite artists.

Google Play Store | Radio Remix Music Player

FlxVPN – Secure&Fast Proxy

FlxVPN - Secure&Fast Proxy

FlxVPN – Secure&Fast Proxy

If you are looking for a free VPN client, you should try FlxVPN, an app that has just landed on Google Play with which you can connect to a large number of servers around the world to safely browse the Internet and access restricted multimedia content in your country.

In addition, FlxVPN is totally safe, since to use it no registration is required and it does not collect any private information.

Google Play Store | FlxVPN – Secure&Fast Proxy

Old photo

Old Photo is a free application that will allow you restore all your old black and white photos in a few clicks. In just a few minutes, this app is able to remove scratches and cuts and even reconstruct any of the missing parts of a photo such as a nose or an ear.

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Old Photo will help you digitize and restore those old photographs of your grandparents that you don’t want to lose.

Google Play Store | Old Photo

cv resume maker

With this app you can create a professional resume quickly and easilysince it has an extensive catalog of CV templates, allows you to customize it to the fullest rearranging the sections of it and including your own personalized information in each of them.

Once you have created your resume you will be able to preview it in the app itself, download it in PDF format and share it with the human resources departments of companies via email or WhatsApp.

Google Play Store | cv resume maker

Caller Tune Set: Ringtone 2022

The last application on this list is Set Caller Tune, a free tool with which you can create your own ringtones, alarm and notification with your favorite songs.

In addition, this app has a voice changer with more than 30 sound effects that will allow you to create fun and original ringtones with your own voice.

Google Play Store | Caller Tune Set: Ringtone 2022

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