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5 Xiaomi offers from AliExpress Plaza: they are infallible purchases

Headphones with ANC for 37 euros, the hot air fryer with a 20% discount, the Mi Band 7…

5 Xiaomi offers from AliExpress Plaza: they are infallible purchases

Sometimes in life it’s not worth getting complicated, that’s why we’ve put together Two words that, combined, make up a completely infallible duo, white and in the bottle. We refer as not to “Xiaomi” and “bargains”, two terms that together cause strange vibrations in the pocket of the users.

And it is that after all, who does not fit a product of those of Shenzen to reduced price?

For this reason, today we have decided not to eat our heads: we have compiled 5 juicy offers in 5 pots Xiaomi of the most desired, all of them courtesy of aliexpress square. Take a look at them because surely there is some “bargain-Xiaomi” that fits you, and even more so if you take into account that they come with fast shipping from Spain Y free returns. you can do with the new Mi Band 7with the hot air fryer, with a smart light bulb at half the price… Choose your Xiaomi product and save has been said!

5 Xiaomi bargains available in AliExpress Plaza

redmi buds 3 pro

Get the Redmi Buds 3 Pro at half price on AliExpress

  • Xiaomi Redmi Buds 3 Pro. To start you have a cathedral size bargain starring the Redmi Buds 3, some TWS headphones with active noise cancellationtransparency mode, touch controls, a case with power for 28 hours of autonomy, wireless charging… All for an absolutely groundbreaking price: only 37 euros. We assure you that you will not find better headphones than these for this price (they are almost 50% off!).
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Xiaomi Redmi Buds 3 Pro

  • Xiaomi Mi Smart Air Fryer. Another good bargain from Xiaomi is the drop in price of its flagship appliance, the Mi Smart Air Fryer. Also known as the Xiaomi oilless fryer, it is a multifunction pot that you can get much more out of than it seems. You can use it to cook or bake with hot air and a bit of oil, but also to dehydrate food or even prepare yogurt. In addition, it allows you program its operation from top to bottom through your mobile, so it gives you an extra practicality the sea of ​​valuable

Xiaomi Mi Smart Air Fryer

  • Xiaomi MiBand 7. This newcomer to the market can be yours with a discount of around twenty%an opportunity to have the latest of the latest for little money. In order not to entertain ourselves too much, we will say that 10 euros more you can take home something like a Mi Band 6 vitaminized: you will have more screen, more battery, more precision and some other surprise. An infallible gadget to monitor your physical activity and your health.

Xiaomi MiBand 7

  • My 360° Home Security Camera 2K. Almost 34 euros separate you from one of the security cameras most complete in the world. It has Full HD resolution and a large aperture lens that allows it to capture more light than the previous model, thus achieving images much sharper even in poor lighting conditions. Also has infrared night vision and a lot more functions with which to control everything that happens in your home directly From the phone.
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My 360° Home Security Camera 2K

  • Xiaomi Mi Smart LED Bulb. Finally, we rescue this “mini-bargain” that we have already talked about on occasion: the Mi Smart LED Bulb for only €6.11, more than 50% below its PVP. It is an intelligent light bulb with which you can create any environment only with your mobile. Furthermore, it is fully programmable and is compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant, For 6 euros you can’t ask for more!

Xiaomi Mi Smart LED Bulb

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