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5 WhatsApp news this week that you may have overlooked

What has arrived on WhatsApp this week? We review the most interesting changes that have landed in the messaging app recently

5 WhatsApp news this week that you may have overlooked

We are going to review the most important novelties that have landed in WhatsApp throughout the last few days. Like every week, the application has been updated frequently with the aim of introducing changes and new featureswhich will soon be available to all users.

On this occasion, we must highlight novelties such as the arrival of a new interface for audio messages*, improvements in the preview of the links in the states or the option that allows administrators to delete any message from a group. We will review all the news below.

WhatsApp application icon.

WhatsApp has recently been updated to introduce some interesting new features.

official whatsapp bot

One of the most recent WhatsApp news that we have been able to learn about consists of the arrival of a official bot of the messaging application.

It is a function still in the development phase, which seems to be inspired by one of the features of Telegram. With it, users will receive a message from an official WhatsApp account automatedwhere you can see the latest news that will arrive in the messaging app, or important changes that will be carried out in the service.

whatsapp bots

The WhatsApp bot will offer relevant information about the app’s new features

Apparently, WhatsApp would also use this bot to show tricks or tips for use that could be useful.

Sound waves in voice memos

Another function that WhatsApp has copied to Telegram this week It consists of the inclusion of sound waves in audio messages. From now on, when you play a sound note in the app, you will see the waves that represent sound.

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More information about privacy within the app

WhatsApp has also recently added a new menu from which you can see how the app protects our privacy. This section is available just below the chat tray, and in it, you can see it in more detail what information remains end-to-end encryptedAnd how does this system work?

Information on end-to-end encryption

WhatsApp now shows you more information about end-to-end encryption

Preview of links in the states

Until now, when adding a link to a WhatsApp status, it was only possible display the url to which he directed on a small card located at the bottom of the screen.

Now, with the latest version of the app, a link preview on a larger card, as you can see in the image.

Preview of links in WhatsAPp states

Links in WhatsApp statuses now show a preview of the URL.

Admins will be able to delete any message in a group

With one of the latest versions of the application, WhatsApp has introduced a new option aimed at group administrators. With it, administrators will have the ability to delete any message sent to chatregardless of who sent it.

These are the news that have come to WhatsApp throughout the last few days. In addition to that, other changes are being prepared such as reactions to states or the option of hide if you are “Online” to other users. These novelties, yes, will still take a while to be available.

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