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4 technological renting services that you can contract in Spain


Betting on this way of equipping your business or company is a smart way to ensure the latest technology.

The technological leasing is one of the more interesting proposals for those who have a business or company. A proposal on the rise that is full of many advantages, such as lower costs and access to updated technology. We address in this article what are the technological renting services that, today, can be contracted in our country.

Technological renting in Spain

In Spain we can hire a huge variety of technological renting companies that offer proposals adapted to your needs. Before opting for one in particular, you must cancer if the services they offer are what you need. To do this, nothing better than taking a look at some of the most interesting proposals.

The proposal of your bank

Banking entities have long since ceased to become a place where only money was lent and negotiated. Technological renting is a service offered by at least the 3 most important banking entities in our country, CaixaBank, Banco Santander and BBVA. If you are a client of any of them, it is interesting to consult with your manager about the possibility of finding out about these services, what they offer and what value proposition they can offer you. Most likely, by the mere fact of being a client, you will obtain advantageous conditions.

BBVA website screenshot

Banks often offer interesting technology leasing proposals.


This company is one of the pioneers in technological renting and offers a very wide range of services, both for large companies and businesses. They are not exclusively dedicated to hardware, but are able to provide software solutions. CISET is a very interesting proposal that can be configured in the way you need.

CISET screenshot

CISET’s commitment is comprehensive.


Perhaps the most important thing before approaching a technological renting service is the fact that know how much it will cost you. For it, RSD puts at your disposal on its website a form with which you can have a very quick response to your needs. It is not necessary to make any type of payment in advance and the financing is totally flexible.

RSD screenshot

A proposal that may suit you if you do not want initial payments.


If there is something you like about microblau it is its ability to offer a comprehensive service, perhaps the most complete that we can find. Leasing of laptops, desktops, even mobile phones and Apple products. It is best to take a look at their catalog, because you have quite a few possibilities to choose from.

Microblau screenshot

Microblau renting offer from Apple.

Time to sign your technological renting contract

Once you are clear about what you need, it is always advisable to survey several companies and find out in depth the fine print. What at first may seem like a tempting offer may hide something that does not suit you. Versatility must be one of the preferred options when contracting your technological renting service. For example, if you have forecasts that your company will grow, I wish it were so, that you can expand the service without too many inconveniences is a point in its favor.

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Perhaps what weighs the most when hiring your technological renting service is that offer the possibility of technical service, so you are going to save yourself a lot of problems and you know that the equipment is going to be in the best hands. Just a call or the opening of an incident is what separates you from the technician. This way you can save yourself complications when looking for someone to fix that equipment.

Technological renting is emerging as one of the most convenient options when equipping your business or company. A trend that does not stop growing and that is in line with many services that have nothing to do with the workplace. We no longer buy records or movies, we subscribe to Spotify or Netflix. Why not do the same with your technological material?

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