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11 premieres for which it is worth signing up for HBO Max

These are all the movies, series and documentaries that arrive on HBO Max in September 2022, and that undoubtedly justify your subscription to the platform.

11 premieres for which it is worth signing up for HBO Max

The prolific catalog of HBO Max finally celebrate the arrival of ‘The house of the dragon’ as the great star of his original series for this second half of 2022, although September has always been the starting month for all courses and as such also, of new series, collectibles and the like.

So, thanks to the friends of ADSL Zonenow we can review a little more HBO Max premieres in September prior to directly recommend the subscriptionand it is that with the return of ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ either ‘Rick and Morty’ you should already have enough justification.

The house of the dragon, on HBO Max

‘The house of the dragon’ is the great premiere of the season on HBO Max… But there is much more!

If you have already enjoyed the first two chapters of ‘The house of the dragon’ and you still want more, because you should know that tomorrow, September 2, the carousel of premieres begins that we now break down on the HBO Max platform in terms of series:

  • ‘The Hammer House: Scandal and Perversion’, September 2. Miniseries (3 episodes).
  • ‘Rick and Morty’, September 5. Season 6.
  • ‘My life as a Rolling Stone’, September 7th. Miniseries (4 episodes).
  • ‘bird girl’, September 14. Season 2.
  • ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’, September 15. Season 5.
  • ‘The Spookies’, September, 17th. Season 2.
  • ‘La Brea’, September 28. Season 2.
  • ‘Self Cause’, September 29th. Season 1.
  • ‘industry’, September 30th. Season 2.
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It is obvious that with such a cast of new series and also new seasons of our favorites We can only recommend that, if you do not already have your subscription to HBO Max active with the succulent service start offer, you subscribe now in any of the two optionsthe monthly one for 8.99 euros or the annual one that will allow you to save 35% and that costs 69.99 euros for the next 12 months… Right here we leave you with a direct link!

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HBO Max: complete catalog of series and movies, what is the price

The documentary ‘Angels of Sinjar’ and the movie ‘Elvis’ as bonus tracks

In any case, don’t leave yet because there will be even more content for fans of movies and documentaries, and the list of series would be lame if we forgot about the premiere on September 30 of the documentary ‘Angels of Sinjar’, based on the story of Hanifa and Saeed and how they survived the hell of ISIS. the documentary the hell inflicted by the Islamic state on this family is narratedafter the kidnapping of Hanifa’s younger sisters and her dangerous mission to find and rescue them.

And lastly, also tomorrow, September 2, we will be able to finally enjoy the movie on HBO Max ‘Elvis’ in which the adventures and misadventures of the mythical king of rock are reviewed, on a tape starring Austin Butler and Tom Hankswho once again performs his role as the charismatic manager to perfection, delving into Elvis Presley’s relationship with Colonel Tom Parker.

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Without a doubt, this is one of the most anticipated movies of the year on HBO Max, especially because in this biopic in which we will be able to relive the life of Elvis from his beginnings to his rise to the starswe will also be able to enjoy the cultural revolution and the openness that this era brought about in the United States.

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